Menegva (Cornish for ‘index’) are a digital archives service based in West Cornwall, UK. 
Menegva were founded to help people make the most of their media. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between collections and the often overwhelming tools available to manage them: using a balance of creative development and methodical systems to preserve and safeguard material. Our background is in arts and heritage, but we work with the technology and retail sectors too. Offering a completely bespoke service, we will tailor an affordable solution to suit collections management projects of any size.

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Mel Francis started out working with art collections in London in 2008, in studio roles with Chris Ofili CBE and Isaac Julien CBE. She went on to work for the fundraising charity Art Fund, helping them to develop and share a century’s worth of images with their audiences. She began working as an independent specialist in 2015 and has since collaborated with a range of organisations including the Royal Academy of Arts and Leach Pottery in St Ives. With a PhD in art history, she has a background in writing and research, and a mix of creativity and structure informs her work. She frequently contributes to educational resources such as training guides, workshops, and archiving apps, both on archives and in the wider field of technology and software, and is a member of the Archives & Records Association. Mel also co-runs an artist-directed project space and library.