Who we are

menn · egg · vah – Cornish, meaning ‘catalogue’ or ‘index’

Menegva help people to make the most of their media. Our affordable cataloguing and data support can move you away from information overload into a calm, clean, state, ready for anything the future may bring. Perhaps you’ve built a successful online shop or website but are now finding yourself drowning in images and outdated marketing materials? Or maybe you’ve assembled a collection of objects but now have no record or catalogue for them? We can help you see the wood for the trees! We believe in building simple, affordable toolkits that enable small businesses, shops, and collections to expand and evolve. Part of Cornwall’s thriving tech hub, Menegva promote digital wellbeing and sustainability above all else.

How we can help

We can help you organise, preserve, and ultimately, make the most of your:

  • messy or patchy inventory data
  • outdated or non-existent filing systems
  • dodgy databases
  • overloaded computer desktops
  • duplicate files (or, the ones kept in ‘that folder’)
  • disorganised address books or out of date contacts databases

Browse our case studies to see some of the ways our affordable packages can help you make the most of your media, or click here to see our detailed list of services.

What we’ve worked with

We’re not phased by in-person or digital graft – we seek it out. We’ve already especially enjoyed organising our customers’ documents, photographs, marketing materials, films, videos, audio, posters, drawings, illustrations, books, magazines, journals, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, maps, treasure, artefacts, ledgers, historical records, and much, much more. Our ideal outcome for a project is that, rather than provide a temporary fix, we’ve enabled you to manage your media in the easiest and most fruitful way to suit your own intentions, for now and for the future.

Where we’ve worked

While we tend to operate from our own space, we’ve spent plenty of time in offices, basements, museum store cupboards, actual cupboards, libraries, sheds, garages, warehouses, storage units, studios, and workshops. We fully understand the benefit that ‘fresh eyes’ can bring to a collection or project sometimes, and we travel nationwide (sometimes even further) to do just this.

Who we’ve worked with

Any more questions?

Write us a quick message or send an email: hello@menegva.com

About our director, Mel Francis

mel profile 2_web

It has been a pleasure to work with Mel as an archivist and consultant through the Art360 Programme since 2016. Her approach to the preservation and management of artists’ archives is thoughtful, creative, and always highly professional. Mel’s expertise in the archiving of multimedia and conceptual art practice has been of huge value to the development of our programme with artists and estates. We look forward to working with Mel on future projects and continue to draw upon the work she has delivered as an example of best practice.

— Ellie Porter, Head of Programme, Art360 Foundation

A devout minimalist, Mel has had a passion for arranging and cataloguing things since she was very young. As she progressed from her own possessions such as her books, clothes, music, even the furniture, she discovered that her uniquely creative and methodical mind could also be applied to writing and research, culminating with her art history PhD in 2013. Over the years, Mel has since enabled artists, filmmakers, creatives, global charities, retail companies, and many others to take control of their media. She still enjoys writing, and she also co-runs an artist-directed project space from her home in West Cornwall. You can read more about Mel and connect with her here.