Case Studies


An image library for a plant shop

A small plant shop transitioned from in-person only to online deliveries at the beginning of the C-19 pandemic. In fact, business was booming (or blooming?!), and as they rushed to stay on top of sales, they realised the other parts of the business were getting neglected. Rather than interrupt the flow, Menegva were called in to give them a quick survey. What immediately became clear was that they had a rapidly growing customer base, but wanted to prepare for their next steps in terms of marketing, newsletters and hopefully encouraging their new customers to return. We helped the shop by organising a beautiful image library for them, which was originally a set of high resolution files sent directly from a photographer they’d hired about a year ago, now sitting in a neglected desktop folder. Once the images were organised, we then added all of their new customers – working from a slightly patchy list in Excel – to a free customer relationship management (CRM) database, which has since helped them to keep track of all their customers.

Services used:

  • survey (digital only)
  • 0.5 days data cleaning (contacts)
  • 0.5 days file restructuring (images)
  • 1 day database implementation
  • 1.5 hours database training


Data cleaning for a large charity

A global charity were in the process of upgrading their database and had a huge volume of historical data surrounding all of the work they had done over the years, such as all of the different locations they had worked in, and the types of help they had provided. Ideally they would have liked to have a member of their staff work through all of the data in-house, filling any gaps as they went along, but all of their staff were swamped with current projects.

Working remotely and securely, Menegva took care of the data cleaning, and were able to use the charity’s own database and archival files to fill in the necessary gaps along the way, allowing the staff to keep up with their new work and the upgrades to be carried out smoothly with no messy data.

Services used:

  • 2 days data analysis
  • 10 days data cleaning


An artist’s studio inventory

An artist was moving from a tiny workshop to a new studio. As their career had been moving forward, their collection was too, and they’d been too busy developing, making and showing new work to keep track of everything. They had a few notebooks detailing works that had been sold over the years, and one external hard drive that contained about 400 images. Some of the works had been professionally photographed, and others were snapshots they’d taken, but after a short survey, we were able to import them all as records in an affordable new inventory system. The database held useful details of the works such as location, sale information, and the contacts involved in any sales. It even had keywords that meant the artist could search their work by theme rather than waste time sifting through hundreds of different images. The artist was also able to create collections of works, which they used when planning exhibitions, responding to sales queries, or discussing their work in meetings.

Services used:

  • full survey
  • 2 days in-person archive support
  • 0.5 day software research
  • 3 days file restructuring
  • 2 days database implementation
  • 2 hours database training

“Mel has been working with us undertaking research and helping to ensure we have a robust strategy for managing and building this information. Mel really listens and is able to offer advice and strategies that support and develop our needs and approaches.”

Dr Matthew Tyas, Curator & Deputy Director, Leach Pottery

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