Bespoke support to help plan, structure and digitise your archive.

From surveys to full database implementations, we offer a tailored service to suit projects of all types and sizes.


Not all surveys are created equal! The success of any archive project wholly depends on a concise, quality, survey. Don’t know where to begin? Resources limited? A survey might even be all that you need. Covering all bases from file-naming conventions through to scheduling and budgeting, Menegva will create a bird’s eye view of your project for you, completely customised to your requirements.

Cataloguing & digitising

We can’t predict the future, but we can help you plan for it, most likely also improving your day-to-day experience in the process! Whether it’s digital file organisation that you need, or a total digitisation project, we can help. We also provide full training services, and larger projects include a complimentary ‘review session’, so that your staff or volunteers can rest assured that they are set up and working to industry standards. By the end of setup, you’ll be confident in creating high quality images and media, and organising it so that it will be safe, and can still be found, in decades to come.


We love researching new software. See our Data Support page for more on how we work with software analysis and testing. Because of this, we hold an ever-growing directory of media management and inventory software that we assess based on our wealth of experience with different projects and user requirements. There is such thing as the right database for any collection, and we are confident that we can help you find it.

“From the start I felt Mel respected my practice in ways that enabled and strengthened my understanding of the archival process as we got to know each other. Early on she introduced me to a database that worked in parallel with my own records. This was immensely helpful and as we proceeded I learnt how better to prioritise and link both systems. She subtly enabled me to value certain aspects of my archive materials that I had not considered to be of value in an appropriate way, thinking ahead to legacy. She also brought her rich art historical intellect to think through my quite experimental practice. I’ve nothing but praise and gratitude for her.”

Anne Tallentire – Art360 Foundation Award Recipient

Let us help you make the most of your media.