Data Support

From software research
to metadata management,
data support is an integral
strand of our service.

Data cleaning & file management

Whether you’re working with a physical collection or a purely digital one, have a database that’s not working well, are implementing one from scratch, or need to prepare your collection for online publication, you’ll need to start with clean, organised, data. We stay on top of the latest techniques in data and media management so that you can maximise its potential. Whether that’s improving exposure and site traffic, or just saving you time each day searching for files, our structured, affordable support service has you covered.

0.5 day data cleaning (non profit)£150
0.5 day data cleaning (commercial) £200
0.5 day metadata support £150
0.5 day file restructuring£150
digital preservation review£350

Data analysis & visualisation

Data analysis, from basic statistical tasks like revealing which media has been attracting the most attention using heat maps, to more advanced probing, such as identifying crucial gaps in your information, can really elevate a project. We start by talking through what it is you really want to know, and then use the best Excel tools, along with the relevant visualisation software such as Tableau, to create beautifully illustrated stories that provide insight into your collection, stoking the imagination as you develop your own strategy and ideas.

0.5 day data analysis £200
0.5 day data visualisation£200

Software research, testing & training

With so many companies promising the world, we understand how navigating the global software market, especially media management, can be extremely challenging. Before you sign your project (or life!) away, we can take out some of the mystery for you, by showing you the best possible options based on your specific requirements. Once you’ve settled on a platform, we also offer training, and can even come back to help you stay on top of your records for you. We’ll also run your chosen system through its paces, to make sure it’s the right fit.

0.5 day software research (non profit) £150
0.5 day software research (commercial)£200
0.5 day software testing£150
1 hour database training£100

“I have worked with Mel for over five years as both an image manager and researcher. She is responsive, diligent, and observant, and able to synthesize and distill information into concise and comprehensible materials. She also has a very good understanding of technology systems for managing photography, in addition to the processes.”

Theresa Regli, Director & Chief Strategist, Vox Veritas Digital

Let us help you make the most of your media.